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Updated 7/10/08

I enjoy cooking and have lots of recipes, old family favorites, some I've made up myself, and others from magazines or books.

Di's Recipe List

Connecticut's Best Restaurants Search for a great place to eat, check out reviews of over 2000 restaurants, and more!
The Global Gourmet Reads like an online gourmet magazine - very attractive and informative.
Epicurious Have you seen this show on the Discovery channel? Well, here's the companion web site with some great additional stuff.
The Food Network This website, showcases the recipes appearing on many of the programs on this network. Also available are schedules and tons of other info.
Online Chef Great menus, recipes, and tips & techniques. Also, suggestions for remodeling your kitchen.
Gastronomer Excellent site with tips on how to stock your kitchen, descriptions of herbs & spices, help with shopping & veggies, too!
The ABCs of Wine and Food Pairing From, learn about matching wine with food
White Wine & Food From, see foods & recommended white wines.
Another Perspective on Matching Wine with Food From the Wine Spectator
Culinary Institute of America THE place to learn how to cook professionally.

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