Web Development

Updated 2/7/06

The sites listed below helped me a great deal as I was learning the basics of Web development and HTML. I hope they can assist you as much as they did me.

As of the date above, I've gone thru the list & cleaned up all of the links that don't work any more. I was disappointed to see that the Pixel Foundry & Kai's Power Tips & Tricks for Photoshop, as well as Tom's Tips for Web Designer (both hosted at MIT) were no longer available. These were great sites...

Anyway, I've moved out of the web development arena & am not familiar with the resources currently in use by up and coming developers. I know there is much more to putting together a great web site than just HTML & images. There are Cascading Style Sheets, server side includes, Perl, JavaScript.

In any case, in most cases, a decent web site will require much more than downloading some free -graphics off the web. Compelling content, cohesive & consistent design & easy-to-follow information flow (is it easy to find info on your site?) are the key elements to a good web site. You must know your audience & have clearly defined goals for your web site.

Once you get your site designed, where will you host it? Once it's hosted how will you know if anyone is looking at it, what they're looking at, how to make your site more effective? These are all very important questions...

If you are one an up and coming developer, you can find many good resources to help you answer these questions, as well as any others you come up with, available on the Internet for free. Failing that, picking up any number of beginner's web design/HTML/site design books at your local book store is as good a place to start as any. I suppose it really depends on how you learn best.

Most of the graphics I have pointed you to are free. Please read instructions on each page before you download, some designers request a reciprocal link back to their site if you use to use their graphics. Others restrict use to non-profit organizations.

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