Updated 2/7/06
have undertaken to rewrite this page. The page that has been posted here for the last 5 years was sophomoric & immature. Chugging .. sheesh! Anyway...

What can I say about alcohol? Well, I like a good bottle of wine with a nice meal. I tend to subscribe to the old school of wine and food - whites with chicken & seafood, and reds with red meats. I also feel that while this is a guideline, it is by no means a requirement & those who say "Drink what you like" have a good point.

I enjoy Australian chardonnay and shiraz, classic Italian reds, such as a chianti, some French whites (Louis Jadot Pouilly Fuse is one of my favorites), and of course the good German rieslings for dessert. California wines are often very good, as well.

I enjoy cooking with wine, and will have a couple of beers and a shot or 2 of Jagermeister (nectar of the gods!) to unwind on the weekend.

I worked at a local package store immediately following my graduation from college. Say what you will about the appropriateness of my job choice, it was the only thing I could find at the time. Anyway, while I worked there, I had the opportunity to taste many wines, as we had wine tastings every Saturday. I've come to enjoy some Italian reds (I love those inexpensive Chiantis), Italian whites (Luna di Luna Chard/Pinot Grigio blend is wonderful!), Australian whites and reds (a great Shiraz will complement steak wonderfully!), as well as some California whites.

An excellent site to visit to learn more about wine is the Wine Spectator, a monthly magazine all about wine, local and internation. You may be surprised to learn that there are vintners and breweries in your area. In Connecticut, we have the Elm City Brewing Company, the , and the City Steam Brewery Cafe (FKA Brown Thompson's) in Hartford, among many others. Check out the Institute for Brewing Studies and the Association of Brewers for more information about brewers in your area.

We've also got many local vintners, including the DiGrazia in Brookfield, and McLaughlin Vineyards in my hometown of Newtown, CT. Check out All American Wineries to find vintners close to you.

Anyway, I learned a lot about alcohol, especially beer, both in school and on the job, but there's always more to learn!

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